Health Culture

Health Culture


The management of Tianfu 

Advocate of Tianfu enterprise: What we do is brand, what we provide to customers and society is service but not merely products. 

Our operation goal is to create higher customer satisfaction. Our management goal is to create higher employee satisfaction. 

Our service purpose is such a value chain as the second line serving the first line, the first line serving the terminal line and the terminal line serving customers to eventually realize a good enterprise development and competitive advantage and form healthy industrialized development gradually. 


 Major management aspects of Tianfu enterprise 

Organization structure management  

We adopt a development mode combining direct business perpendicular management by the group head office and comprehensive management of independent incorporated enterprises to lay a solid foundation for further business expansion.


     The organization structure of Tianfu enterprise is one in a mode consisting of such three management centers as Marketing Management Center, Healthy Enterprise Management Center and Financial Management Center constituting the head office functional management, with such three incorporated companies as Tianfu (Shanghai) International, Shanghai Fushuntang and Dalian Tianfu being responsible for national market operation. At present, the three independent incorporated companies has 9 business departments (expansion departments) and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Guangzhou, etc., being responsible for network sales and operations in different national regions. In which, Dalian Tianfu is responsible for the market operation management and expansion in the areas in North China, Northeast China and Shandong Province, Northeast China. Shanghai Fushuntang is responsible for the market operation management and expansion in Shanghai, South China, Central China and West China. Tianfu (Shanghai) International is responsible for such businesses of the company as international trade, logistics and warehousing, new product introduction, etc. 


 Enterprise culture construction, dissemination and management

      As an organization of knowledge and research type, the enterprise stresses simultaneously brand development and enterprise culture deposition. Through years of accumulation, it has now basically established a quite perfect management and operation mode and an internal training and talent cultivation mechanism. According to the requirements of the healthy enterprise philosophy, it puts into practice and implements Chinese traditional culture in all enterprise aspects gradually and takes the law of virtue first and money last and correspondence of virtue and money as an important principle of enterprise management. 


 Enterprise strategic management

      Holding the marketing purpose of regionalizing brands and cultures, the enterprise combines the marketing management based on western economics with the principle of virtue first and money last, correspondence of virtue and money in the traditional Chinese culture to spread brand cultures. In practice, the enterprise strives to study strategic business modes such as BIOSHOPO operation and management and strives to become the most professional brand management and operation company. 


 Other important management aspects

      Main marketing operation thought: terminal system management (care more about the consuming and buying links), correspondence of brand core value study (study on positioning theory and competition theory and the influence of consumption environment), system brand marketing strategy management (market management system application), execution of system brand marketing tactics (marketing management and Chinese business environment research system application), marketing talent incentive mechanism application (highly effective management application), etc. Important terminal brand value dissemination for implanting into consumers’ hearts is primary. 

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