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Try a Wool Quilt for Poor Sleep!

--- Australian-famous Downs Wool Brand MIG

If you have difficulty initiating sleep or your sleep quality is poor, you may choose to change your quilt. As reported by Daily Mail, wool quilt is the best choice for the people with insomnia or light sleep.

     Researchers from the University of Sydney tested the sleep of eight volunteers who respectively slept in the bedding of wool, cotton and synthetic fiber. The results showed that the sleepers in the bedding of synthetic fiber had poor sleep while the sleepers below wool quilt had longer deep sleep. The reason is that the amount of sweat is averagely a liter per person per night and the sleep will be adversely affected if the bedding does not absorb sweat. Wool has good water absorption and air permeability, helps to regulate body temperature and facilitates the sleep. The people with difficulty falling asleep may use the wool quilt which is suitable for use throughout the year, regulates temperature according to personal body temperature and thus avoids hot or cold state.


Recently, Tianfu (China) Corporation has introduced Australian-famous downs wool brand MIG, providing Chinese consumers with excellent bedding experience by high-quality Australian downs wool and alpaca wool products.


MIG is an Australian-based manufacturer of downs wool and alpaca wool products, with its history dating back to 1933 when the Mond family founded a wool spinning enterprise. So far MIG has become a professional bedding manufacturer possessing the Australian advanced production line. MIG has professional and complete bedding series, provides OEM production for many local and overseas companies, and is the authoritative professional manufacturer of downs wool and alpaca wool bedding. In order to ensure product quality, MIG limits its annual output. MIG products have obtained a variety of authoritative certifications and qualification certificates. MIG uses the traditional Australian production technology consisting of wool picking, carbonization treatment, wool carding, bedding sewing, mechanical shearing, manual edging, etc. The choice of raw materials, the precision and specialization of technology are the key factors in determining the quality of downs wool quilt.