About Tianfu

About Tianfu


  • 2015-04

    Tianjin Office Was Established

    In April 2015, Tianjin Office of Beijing Business Division of Dalian Tianfu Business Development Co., Ltd. was established, responsible for related business development of Tianjin and the surrounding areas.

  • 2015-01

    Wuhan Office Was Established

    In January 2015, Wuhan Office of Shanghai Fushuntang Trading Development Co., Ltd. was established and set up a permanent office in Wuhan, responsible for related business development of Wuhan and the surrounding areas.


  • 2014-12

    Australian Company Was Set Up

    Approved by Australian Securities and Investment Commission, in December 2014, TIANFU INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE GROUP PTY LTD was formally established and put into operation in Australia. The company will operate in many areas of international business.

  • 2014-12

    The establishment of trade unions

    The company held the first meeting of union members (representatives), elected members of the first session of the union committee and funding Review Committee, through the approval of the superior trade union. Dalian Tian Fu Commercial Development Co. Lt

  • 2014-09

    Chongqing office was established

    In Sep. 2014, the office of Shanghai Fushuntang Trade Development Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, a city directly under the central government, was established, being responsible for business expansion in Chongqing area and such regions as Chengdu, etc.


  • 2013-10

    Introduction of CATTIER brand

    Introduced from the French sub-company under the banner of German KNEIPP Group double organic certificate brand——CATTIER; introduced a hair loss prevention product – hair bud hair growth agent under the banner of Bathclin in Japan, succeeded in achieving

  • 2013-08

    Self-discipline and Social Commitment

    Identify the health philosophy of Tianfu and stress the “natural law of money last and virtue first and correspondence of virtue and money”. Combining with years of operational practice of Tianfu, Tianfu cares more about the cultural environment and comme

  • 2013-07

    Shenzhen office was established

    Shenzhen office was established to create conditions for expanding business in Guangdong and its surrounding areas.

  • 2013-06

    Company development in 2013

    At present, Tianfu (China) Company has 700 plus high and middle end directly-managed and cooperative department stores as traditional terminal channels (including 70 plus infield high-end shops, 300 plus agents), 6 self-operated special counters (shops),


  • 2012-10

    Bioshopo (organic luxury) mode

    Bioshopo (organic luxury) mode – Bioshopo Shop Model. From 2010, the company established respectively in Dalian and Shenyang Freetime Family Care Product Chain Co., Ltd. as an attempt and exploration for Bioshopo, which selected organic high-quality healt


  • 2011-10

    Brands residing in Tmall

    Such brands as Kneipp, Biolane, Bathclin resided in Tmall on Taobao. The official flagship shop for relevant brands of Tianfu (China) Corporation was opened for business. The network sales channels were further strengthened. The e-commerce business develo


  • Introducing international brands

    From 2008-2009, introduced such international brand products as centurial essential oil formula skin care expert KNEIPP in Germany, centurial daily chemical leading brand LION in Japan, famous infant and mother care expert BIOLANE in France, etc.


  • 2006-09

    Tianfu (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.

    Tianfu (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Sep. 2006 (formerly “Jinchun (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.” established in 2001), being responsible for import product introduction, related international trade affairs and warehousing an


  • 2005-10

    Shanghai Fushuntang Trade Development Co., Ltd.

    It was established in 2005, being responsible for the general market operation in South China and agent recruitment and service.


  • National marketing network construction

    The company has set up 8 Marketing Business Departments (Companies) over the country respectively. The areas covered mainly include Dalian, Shanghai, Shenyang, Harbin, Changchun, Jinan, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. A nationwide sales network is constr

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